Decryption For The Spy

Decryption For The Spy

Decryption For The Spy

Patrice Bovin

Date de sortie : 15/01/2022

Genre(s) : Espionnage

Tag(s) : Romanpolicier

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Résumé :

The state secret was so poorly kept that the DGSE was forced to send Lazare Lambert alias S.E.99 on a decryption mission to recover the revolutionary invention  »HydroBergheim » which could ruin the richest people in the world.
But the leak of this secret, provoked by a vengeful agent, will put certain countries wishing to dominate, surpass and simply overpower the French on the spot.
Once again, the S.E.99 agent of the foreign intelligence service will break out in a cold sweat several times, and of course those who usually call themselves friends are surely not.
As usual, the great game of espionage obliges.

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